Skin Rituals

We welcome you into our sanctuary with our Face and Body Rituals. Tailored to help you feel like the best version of yourself. Each Face and Body Ritual begins with you changing into a comfortable robe and enjoying an organic tea, glass of champagne or a sparkling water. Your dedicated therapist will then welcome you into the next phase which includes aromatherapy to relax the mind. Your treatment will then begin! 



For You Facial 


60 Minutes

A bespoke facial tailored to maximise the potential of your skin. Escape reality for a moment, let us bring the glow back to your skin with advanced products and techniques. You can expect to walk out feeling relaxed, renewed and refreshed.

Lymphatic Therapy Facial


60 Minutes

Tighten and firm your skin, enjoy a hand, arm and shoulder massage while the mask works its magic. Slowly working with your circulatory system to clear the pathways for nutrients to nourish your skin.

Microdermabrasion OR Hydrodermabrasion Facial


60 Minutes

Buff away dead skin cells to reveal brighter and better textured skin. Remove dead skin cell build up that can lead to unevenness, texture and breakouts Your therapist on the day can help you to decide whether Microdermabrasion or Hydrodermabrasion would benefit your skin more.



Full Body Massage


60 Minutes

With handpicked essential oils, release the tensions of your day with a full body massage

Pregnancy Massage


60 Minutes

Designed specifically with a Mum-to-be in mind, a full body massage to release tension and enter a state of complete relaxation.

Body Scrub


30 Minutes

Buff away dead skin cells to reveal bright and dewy skin. Followed by a blend of tailored serums to rejuvenate and renew.

Body Combo


90 Minutes

A deluxe combination of our 60 minute Full Body Massage and our 30 minute Body Scrub


Skin Ritual Packages

Emerald Package


2 hrs

Refresh and reconnect with yourself through the Emerald Package. A full body Massage followed by our 'For You' Tailored Facial

Topaz Package


2.5 hrs

A heavenly moment to relax and renew. The Topaz Package includes the 'For You' Tailored Facial followed by a 1 hour full body massage and body scrub.

Quartz Package


3.5 hrs 

Begin your journey with a full body massage and scrub to relax your muscles and clean away any dullness, followed by Lymphatic Therapy Facial to tighten, firm and ensure the hand picked products in the next step have clear pathways to nourish your skin. Finishing off the journey with our signature 'For You' Facial to add life and glow to your skin.

For The Mum-to-be


2 Hrs

The beautiful Mum-to-be will leave in a complete state of relaxation - feeling calm and nurtured. This package is specifically designed with pregnancy in mind, ensuring a relaxing and safe treatment. 'For The Mum To Be' includes a 'For You' Facial and Pregnancy Massage.